Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s IEP?

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Understand your child’s IEP

Bridging the gap from home to school

Your advocate for IEP help, academic tutoring, and behavioral supports in Delaware.

We bring school-based strategies into your home and empower parents as educators.

Certified Special Education Teacher
Licensed & Insured In Delaware
10+ years of experience
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Understand your child’s IEP

Bridging the gap from home to school

About Applied Advocacy

Creating Educational

As a trained specialist, I can provide insight on your child’s IEP and be an advocate at your IEP meetings to ensure they are receiving the support they qualify for. From working in both the school and home setting, I understand the challenges that students and parents face in navigating the disability community. Let’s work together!

You’ll learn:

How to better understand your child’s IEP
How to implement academic strategies into your home
How to implement behavioral strategies and systems to help your child control emotional outbursts, manage conflicts, and improve social skills


We offer a variety of services. Everyone starts with the initial assessment and document review. From there we create a strategic plan of which additional services would be best to meet your family's needs.

Initial Assessment & Educational Document Review
  • Interview with parent’s to better understand your needs 
  • Interview with child to better understand their needs 
  • Professional read through and parent friendly summary of the IEP, behavior plan & related documents
  • Summary includes guiding questions to ask at the IEP meeting to ensure your child is getting the best care & tips/tricks on how to bring evidence-based classroom strategies into the home!
  • Direct collaboration with school
Academic and/or Social-Emotional Tutoring
Offered in 12 week increments
  • Offered for early childhood and elementary academic concepts as well as social-emotional concepts, based off of student deficit and/or IEP goals
  • Training for pre-learning skills - understanding appropriate use of classroom tools and social etiquette
  • Individualized resources for students/parents to practice on their own, as well as technology/app integration
Behavioral Consultation & Supports
Offered in 12 week increments, 1 week trial available
  • Guidance on how to manage behaviors, outbursts, and/or tantrums through elements of Applied Behavior Analysis, Conscious Discipline & Trauma Informed Care
  • Direct 1:1 work with parent and child focusing on emotional regulation, communication and socialization skills
  • Social- emotional resources such as language models, social stories, reinforcement systems, break cards, feelings charts, visual schedules, visual representation of rules/expectations and app recommendations
  • Includes a monthly write up for both parent and teacher
Advocate Attendance at IEP meeting & Debriefing session
  • Pre-reading of draft IEP complete with annotations and questions to present at meeting
  • Attendance in meeting
  • Debriefing session to ensure understanding of your child’s new educational plan and goals

About Applied Advocacy

About Me


I have been teaching and caring for children for 12 years, in both the home and public school setting; the last 6 years solely catering to children with disabilities. In that time I obtained my Masters in Education of Exceptional Youth with Autism and Severe Disabilities at the University of Delaware. I have taught in elementary inclusion classrooms and special education classrooms, both in America and abroad. While overseas in Indonesia I trained teachers how to better serve their students with Autism.

During my time as a special education teacher, I was in charge of writing and holding up to 20 IEP meetings a year. With each meeting, I could feel the overwhelm and confusion of many families. I recognized how there was not enough time to truly teach parents about their child’s IEP and how their child is going to attain the goals written for them. Between working in both the in-home setting and school setting I saw a HUGE lack of knowledge and resources being shared with families. I created Applied Advocacy to help bridge that gap. Applied Advocacy will not only teach you how to use the same evidence based practices being utilized in schools but also provide you with resources to successfully implement these strategies into your home. I look forward to working with you and helping you advocate for your child.

Annemarie Wilkinson


Parents Are Asking

Are your services covered by insurance?
Applied Advocacy’s services are currently not covered by insurance. Once our CEO becomes a board certified behavior analyst, services may be covered by insurance. However, there are grants to help with payment and you can also ask about the referral program!
Where do you provide your services, I do not see an address?
Applied Advocacy currently provides services in home and via video chat! Many of our parental behavioral support sessions are offered via zoom, while the tutoring classes are typically serviced in the comfort of your own home! IEP meetings and debriefing sessions can also be held via zoom!
What states do you currently service?
Applied Advocacy specializes in Delaware IEP’s but can still offer lots of insight to help you better understand your child’s IEP/rights even from a different state! Schedule a free consultation phone call to see if Applied Advocacy can help you!
How long do you typically work with a family?
The typical service window is at least 4 months.  Services are offered in 12- week commitments but once you factor in time for the initial consult, interview and strategic plan, typically it’s around 4 months.  When the 12 weeks of tutoring/behavioral support lessons are done we will reassess your child’s needs and decide whether or not another 12 weeks is needed.  If services are no longer needed, the client goes into an ‘as needed’ database and we will be sure to check in with you before your child’s annual IEP meeting to see if you need support!
What are the parent behavior support sessions?
Parent Behavior Support Sessions provide you with resources/apps on how to better handle interfering behaviors more efficiently. Sessions are held once a week for an hour! During our time together we will analyze specific behaviors that are interfering with day-to-day activities and plug that information into a Functional Behavior Assessment. This assessment will show us what skill(s) your child needs to attain, to better complete difficult tasks.  Once the skill is identified, Applied Advocacy will create lots of individualized resources to help your child and teach you the proper way to implement them in your home; just as they are being implemented in schools and ABA centers!
What age group do you specialize in?
Applied Advocacy specializes in working with children with disabilities at the elementary and pre-elementary level.  Currently we specialize in elementary IEPs, but can still assist parents that have children at the middle school and highschool level.  We can still provide a better understanding of the IEP as well as guiding questions to ask during the child’s IEP meeting. We are not limited to tutoring solely elementary students, many older students may still need tutoring in foundational skills! Applied Advocacy is looking to expand in the future and have middle/highschool level specialists!

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